Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ABC of online income and making money through Internet

The hype about online earning has been out there for a while now. Pretty much everyone with available resources at hand wants a piece of online income. Now that's not bad but when you are thinking about earning online, the first thing you should keep in mind is that making money through Internet requires effort and hard work just like any other job. Earning online does not mean that there is a magical way like Aladdin's lamp or a genie in a bottle who would give you as much money as you want without any work. The truth about earning online is that you have to work. It is also true about every other online money making techniques.

Since you are already here, I presume you want to know about the easy, effective and real ways of earning money online. Well, to start, I can assure you that one of the first things you'll need to start earning money online include an online payment method. There are several payment methods available which you can choose depending on your situation. For example, if you are from the US, you can choose PayPal by opening an account and verifying it. I hope you are familiar with it, probably already have one, have access to one or at least can create one yourself. It's really easy to get, costs next to nothing if you don't count getting an address for verification which does require rent or mortgage! PayPal is widely accepted and very secure. However, you can also use Moneybookers which is free to open but charges you every time you withdraw money.

Once you have your payment method ready, look for ways to earn money online. In other words, you’ll need to look for work. Now there are several ways to work online and earn money. Your income and chance of getting a work soon will depend on the kind of skills you have. If you have mad computer programming skills, there are plenty of works available for you my friend. But probably you are, let’s say, not that tech savvy. Then what do you do? Well my friend, the success in online income depends a lot on your enthusiasm as opposed to skill in case of regular jobs. That does not mean that you don’t need skill to earn money online. As it turns out to be, the enthusiasm plays an important role in increasing the online money making potential of an individual.

If you are very much interested to earn money online, you can earn more than those who are just trying it out or not putting enough effort to it. There are a lot of ways to earn money online. The easiest ones are not those from the advertisements which claim of guaranteed 4-figure earning per week or 5-figure earning per month. Unlike lotteries and scams, earning online is a legitimate way which means the irrational numbers these online income providers show you are just that, irrational numbers with no real value whatsoever. You probably already know that since all those big posts that were buried in layers of advertisement did not lead you to an actual way of earning. Instead, there was some sort of purchase involved. That brings the simple question, why anybody who is looking for easy online income would even bother to purchase something. That kind of solves the dilemma of either going for those products or not.

There was a very little chance that kind of income is theoretically possible until google recently changed their algorithm. These income techniques are often advertised with some cheesy looking guy holding a check in his hand that has an attractive amount. Well, now you know that it is no longer a path you can follow. That being said, let’s focus on what you can still do to earn money online. As mentioned above, enthusiasm is the key here. Let’s get started with a legitimate way of earning real money online. You have probably heard about data entry jobs. There are some sites even that offer only data entry jobs. This is by far the easiest legitimate way of online earning.

Data entry is also one of the most demanding jobs. Since the pay rate for data entry jobs are quite poor, you have to work really hard and spend more time finding the right and higher paying job along with devoting more time to the actual work. It may seem that “more”, “hard work” and words like these are being used quite a lot here. Well, that’s because this is what it’s all about. Data entry means a lot of repetitive work that takes quite a lot of time but sure is a confirmed source of online income.

Another very good, confirmed and legitimate way of earning online is article writing. Now there are several ways in which you can put your article writing skills to use for earning money online. There are some websites like and where you can submit your articles which people would read and want to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to write articles is to describe a place that you traveled. May it be the Grand Canyon or the Niagara Falls or Mount Rushmore; people would always like to know what is there to see and how to go. If you can write like that, you can earn money with that.

Up until now, the easy ways have been described. Now comes the hard part. You can make programming or designing your source of online income. If you are a good programmer who can handle those programming things like making a website with codes or making some software, there are plenty of people and organizations who would like to hire you. Obviously you have to start by asking less and with the increase in reputation, you’ll be able to charge more while not losing the client either. There are some freelancing sites and other sites devoted to programmers where you can submit your resume and also, submit some samples of your work so that the clients can see what you are capable of.

These are the most confirmed ways of earning online. You can get guaranteed payments by doing these. Also remember that making money online is close to being as hard as working somewhere. The difference however is that you don’t have to work in an office environment with a lot of pressure from different sources. There is also a flexibility of choosing your own work hours. So there you go, a true help from a person who has been earning money online for a while now. I would love to see you all making money really soon with the legitimate processes described above.

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